Thursday, October 09, 2008


During this time, I have questioned, "Why". What is the reasoning behind this. Everything happens for a reason. Am I being taught a lesson? Is someone else being taught a lesson? I didn't talk about this situation at all really, except here. But there was this one day...while counting the money in some and a lady from work got to talking....and we just talked about it all. She mentioned that she had a half-sister that she didn't know and the sister has tried and tried to get to know her, but this lady wouldn't do it...simply because she didn't know her.

Tonight, she called me. She said that she had to tell me that my story inspired her! I thought, "what story"? Me, inspiring?

She wrote a two-page letter to her sister, letting her know that she wanted to get together and get to know her, ask questions about her childhood, find out what they had in common and just to give them a chance to be sisters.

I'd do it all over again, as long as it kept bringing family together.


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