Saturday, October 04, 2008

Clean Your Room!

Me: Emma, clean your room please.

Emma: Buuuttt, iiittt'sss toooooooo hhaaarrrrddddd!

Me: Emma, just go get it done!

She disappears and reappears in .2 seconds

Me: Emma, is your room cleaned?

She nods.

Me: Okay, I am going to go see and if it's not.....

Emma: Buuut, Buuuut, it's too much woooorrrrrrkkkkk!!!

She proceeds to "clean" some more....because of course, she had not touched a thing.

30 minutes later, we go check on her....because ..... really, why haven't I seen her every .2 seconds in the last 30 minutes?

Me: Emma? Emma? Is your room clean?


Me: Gasp!!! Is she breathing?!

Me: You know, I wonder if that would work at the office? I can just sleep under my desk when my job gets too hard!!!