Monday, November 03, 2008


Somewhere in the archives of my mind, I have a file that inlcudes, Halloween, my Memaw and Papa, and being scared out of my mind. I know my mom has documentation of this somewhere and maybe I can get it and bring this memory to life, but in the meantime, it arose from somewhere in the deep, dark depths of my mind this past Halloween night when the memory Memaw made for me, she also made for my children.

Memaw called me and said to call her as soon as we left the house with the children because she was going to dress up for them. So of course, I obeyed.

We pull up and the children see that her door is cracked. They grab their trick or treat bags and head for the doorbell with smiles on their faces, ready to get the first trick or treat candy of the night.

Something doesn't seem right. They get to the door and peek into the crack.

There they old woman! Not sure who she was, they hesitated, not sure whether to be scared or .... well, scared!

"Hello? What do you children want? There is no one named Memaw that lives here? Who is Memaw? I am just an old lady. Do you want to come in?"

They look to me...and I look frightened myself.

"Mom, who is that?"

"Come in, come in...don't you want to come inside?"

In unison, "No."

Dylan starts to get a smile on his face. He knows. Jackson is not so sure and Emma, is definitely NOT going inside.

I had to be the big girl and lead the pack, "C'mon guys, let's go inside. It's just Memaw. She's dressed up. Isn't that funny?"

I got the boys in willingsly, but Emma, not so easy. She inched by Memaw, clinging to my hand and swiftly, but sweetly told her, "Don't touch me."

I mean, c'mon, would you be afraid of this old lady?

Wade, he wasn't afraid.

Convincing Emma that she really was Memaw, was not easy. The only way she would even take a picture with her was if her daddy was with her.

Thanks for the memories Memaw, you are one cool chick in my book.


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