Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Wade and I were talking the other day about one Christmas when he and I were so sick, we were both vomiting on the hour, every hour. This was luckily before we had babies. It was horrible. At that time, I thought I was dying.

Then there was this one time that I was about seven months pregnant with Dylan and I had gotten so sick, diarhhea, vomiting, etc. I asked Wade to call the nurse to see what I could take. I was sitting on the toilet and throwing up in the trash can and he came in and said, "The nurse wants to know what is wrong with you." WHAT IS WRONG WTIH ME?! Do I really have to do everything?! "Tell her I am puking my guts out, have raging diarhhea and I am seven months pregnant, (BLECH!!!) THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!"

Then there was the November of 2005. The children had gone to Memaw's to spend the night and I believe it was Jackson who had begun to vomit there. He came home and the next thing you know, we were all sick. Sore throat, vomiting, diarhhea, fever. This was the month that I seriously thought I was going to die. I thought there was no way that death could be worse than this. All five of us had intestinal strep throat! It was horrible! I fear strep throat to this day because of that time.

It seems that since then, every November we have all gotten sick. Last November, Emma started vomiting, then Jackson, Dylan and then Wade. I was the only one who somehow, miraculously, did not get it. I remember at one point, trying to make myself and Dylan a sandwich, because he was over it by then, and in the middle of the making the sandwich, I had to stop three times to go wipe a brow or a mouth.

It is November again and we are sick. It started with me having something that this stupid doctor could not diagnose. He wanted to take my blood and do a chest x-ray, but I told him that was dumb. I just had a fever for one day and he wanted to take the blood to see if my white cell count was down. Well, duh, if I have an infection of any will be. Good try, but you are not going to screw the insurance company out of money, so that they can in turn, screw me. Not helping! He said he wanted to do the chest x-ray to see if I had pneumonia! Hello! My chest is barely affected! It is my throat. Can you say new doctor? Anyways, I got halfway over that, went to the ballet, had a chocolate milkshake and what do you know, Emma started vomitting. No more chocolate milkshakes for her. Then, I had a dream, I dreamed that I was vomiting. When I woke up, I found out it was real. Then Jackson came home from school, went to get a package off of the front porch and BLECH! What a site for the people driving by. So, there we all piled in my bed. The sick bed. Wade has had a sinus cold for about a week and a half and he declared that he wasn't feeling so good either. He never puked, but alas, the only one that has come through so far, is Dylan. Hopefully he stays well because he has a very big day on Thursday.

I always send you happy pictures, so here are some sick pictures (no vomit included, promise)

This is me, in all my misery.

Add in Jackson.

And better add in the one that started it all. Good thing she is so cute.


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