Thursday, November 20, 2008

Worst Mom Evah!...How Fun.

What fun would it be to be a mom, if you couldn't have fun at the expense of your children's torture?

Imagine this, you, as a child, suddenly finding out that your parents were going on a week-long vacation and you were being shipped off to some distant cousin, whom you may have met, but you don't remember, and just being left there. How horrifying!

Normally, our children go to Wade's parents on Fridays and sometimes on Saturdays, depending on our work schedules. This is something the children look very forward to. Not sure if it is because of the endless cool places they get taken to every weekend, or maybe the toys that are showered upon them, or it could be that they just like the company of Grandma and Peepaw, but regardless...they love it. Well, this weekend, Grandma and Peepaw are heading to Nebraska and so I have had to come up with some other arrangements. While my children are begging to go to Memaw's house, I told them that she will be at her sisters and Grammy will be working, so my only other alternative was to send them to my cousin Chris' house. While I do have a cousin named Chris, I don't see him often, like maybe twice a year, so they have no recollection of him. I am sure that Chris is a perfectly wonderful indivdual with a car dated in the 2000's and DVR, Internet and every game system out there, but the Chris that I have told my lovelies about.....he has rabbit ears on his television, no Internet, no game systems, he lives out in the woods, with no children, and a rusty old truck that only has a few holes in the floorboard and to just make sure they keep their feet away from the holes and they'll be fine.

It's evil, I know, but just think about how much more they will appreciate Memaw when they find out they are really going there.

Please forgive me Santa...


Rachael said...

HELLO. Did you forget about their long lost AUNT RACHAEL? I mean, I know I have the wart on the end of my nose, but... but they love me!

Tina said...

I am sending you a great big hug. Your profile is so sad. Don't be sad. Be good to yourself, you have a special place and mean more to others than you can imagine or you wouldn't be here. You are a child of God and a blessing to others. Peace unto you and yours.

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