Thursday, November 20, 2008

Moms are made for...

Me: Here Dylan, open this can of spaghetti sauce, just put the blade part of the can opener into the slot, squeeze the handles and turn the knob....yep, it's hard isn't it?

Dylan: Mom, this is hard....that must be why this job was made for moms.

Me: Made for moms? Why is it made for moms? Cause I'm the strongest?

Dylan: No, because that's what your made for, cooking small meats and opening cans.

Me: Really?

Dylan: Yeah, and dads are made for cooking big meats....and boys are made for opening jars.

Me: You hear that Wade?

Dylan: What? It's true, dad you cook big meats like hamburgers and, you cook little meats, like chicken and hot dogs...and pork chops.

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