Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I like to read. I wish I could read more. I never read because when I try, I fall asleep. Probably because by the time I actually get into the bed, I am exhausted and I am out before my prayers are finished.

But recently, I was challenged. I am pretty sure there was some bargaining going on. Something about seeing Wicked and my ticket and it disappearing if I didn't join my friend in reading. Reluntantly I agreed and the deal was that after we finished the book, we would go see the movie together. I can't remember what date it was, but I went and bought Twilight the next day. That night, I settled into my bed, snug under the covers with my husband looking at me like, "What the hell are you doing....reading?" "Yeah, I can read, ya know." "Okay," he said, but he still shot me a look.

I talked to my friend every day and she quadrupled her way through the book from the pace I was reading. You have to understand how I operate. I want to make sure I read every word and if I didn't get the emotion right, I will read the sentence over and over. I don't want to miss a thing. I was hooked by Chapter two. I was invested in this relationship. Each night after reading, Devin and I would text. "When is he going to kiss her?" "Oh my gosh, I love Edward!" "Bella is so stupid!" She was ahead of me, so basically all she could do was tell me to hold on, it gets nothing but better. The sexual tension between Edward and Bella had me running to bed each night, one night reading until 3 a.m. All I wanted was for Edward to kiss her! I was bitten. Devin finished way before me, flying through all four books. She is now done and I am savoring the time I have left with Edward. I expect a great depression once I am done with the books, so I will have to settle for the movies.

Devin and I went and saw the movie, as promised, and while the movie in no way did for me what the book did, I can't wait for the next one. The main thing that did not disappoint was, of course, Edward Cullen. HOT!

My husband has my heart, but Edwared has my neck. I am in love with a vampire. I am waiting for that silver Volvo to pull up in the driveway. Bite me Edward.... What?! What do you mean Edward's not real? Don't make me go "Volturi" on you!


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